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  1. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    For the past few days, I noticed that my screen was very bright in dark conditions when checked on Auto-Brightness, so I would uncheck and recheck the box and it worked fine for a few hours until I had to repeat that step

    Now, when I have it checked, the screen is extremely dim and not adjusting at all to brightness levels.

    As a result, I have to manually adjust it.

    Anyone else notice this weird phenomenon?

  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

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  3. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    Nope. It works fine. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't. Not sure why. Probably a software glitch
  4. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem when I have auto checked on brightness my screen is dim during the day & at night it doesn't adjust I have to keep it unchecked.. Don't know why either.
  5. krazycarl

    krazycarl Member

    Same problem I had . The second time it did it I turned auto brightness off and never used it again. My phones auto brightness was always to dim anyway . Except when it was pitch black at night. I just adjust it myself. If there was a way to calibrate or adjust the brightness of auto I would use it .
    I gave up on auto brightness by the 2nd day with my s5.
  6. ssgokou29

    ssgokou29 New Member

    Did anyone find a fix to this?

    Early when i got my s5, it worked fine, then noticed when "auto bightness" check it woud already be really dim even in dark rooms. I just gave up on it, but if there is a fix for it, i would like this feature back..Thanks.
  7. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Well, I put up with it until today..... I got my S5 on launch day.... but today, out in the bright summer sun, AutoBrightness should have cranked the brightness to the max.

    The screen was so dim I could not see it w/o getting into a shadow.

    Nix on the the auto feature, useless.

    .... what gets me is that the sensor testing app I downloaded shows that the sensor is working, and it works every time I test it.

    So, with that being the case, what in the 'ell is wrong with being able to program AutoBrightness?

  8. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    Sensor is fine. Something is going wrong since a hard reset fixed it
  9. asadazam

    asadazam New Member

    Hello, I was suffering from same auto brightness issue (sensor was working *#0*#)

    And I felt there is some bug/virus in some Cache Memory OR there is some app running in background(like MAPS-SYGIC) such apps have option to control your screen brightness.. I downloaded AVG Antivirus(Free Version) and also the linked app AVG Clean master, which scanned and removed almost 400MB of cache from my Mobile and closed all the apps running in background (Auto as well as I closed rest of the apps Manualy )

    GUESS WHAT?? It worked and my brightness Controls are back to Normal :-D
    Hope it will Help You as well...
  10. 115

    115 New Member

    Picked up my S5 15 days ago and have had brightness sensor problems from the get go. My Galaxy Note 3 did not have this problem...ever.
    I had the autobrightness turned off then switched it on during the test and found the results below.
    I've run the sensor test mentioned above with what I consider inconsistent readings.

    Initially in a low ambient lit room (sunrise with an led light bulb in a lamp) the sensor registered 0 lux and no more than 3 lux when placed near the light bulb (Yes it was turned on and lighting up the room) it wasn't "dark". As light was increasing due to sunrise and the lamp light, the ambient lux rating was slowly climbing from 0 to no more than 20; extremely low light conditions, much lower than should have been reflected.

    While running the test I then selected the auto control box and enabled the sensor to control the brightness. The result was failure, no change in display brightness for a several 10's of seconds. The brightness adjustment control should work nearly instantly or within just a few 1's of seconds (less than 10).

    I ran the sensor test three times by stopping and starting the sensor test application to record the results; which I have saved to my SD card.
    On the second pass with auto sensor controls enabled (auto brightness checked "on") there was a point in the test where I covered the sensor of the device and then uncovered it and found there was no change in its result; 3 lux before and 3 lux after.

    On the third pass of testing the sensor and results apparently started working correctly. The light in the room was typical of a cloudy day (we'll lit with shadows being cast by the light) and the lamp was fully bright. I then started the 3rd test result capture /recording and with the sensor reading less than 5 lux I placed the device, S5, right next to the light bulb for a few seconds. Bang! The sensor response jumped and the phone back lighting got much brighter, 300 lux. Then I moved the device away and around the room and the sensor appeared to be picking up light correctly; mostly in the 50 to 250 lux range. The brightness control is sluggish but "works" somewhat.

    So what is the fix?... Unless Samsung fixes their software I don't think there is one that is consistent. This means the auto brightness feature is not a "feature" in the sense of usable.
    The sensor should not stop working regardless of condtion, which it apears yo do. The auto control check box should only determine if the display brightness is to be scaled in response to tge lux thresholds or not. Any other adjustment of the brightness should be interrupted and it seems this may be part of a bug in their app.
    I'll be sticking with manual brightness or getting a different device that actually works, like the Note 4; I'll make that choice this weekend.
  11. haydo86

    haydo86 New Member

    I just closed all the apps and it worked fine for me

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