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  1. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I always use auto brightness on my phone rather than messing with brightness controls manually. One thing I've noticed with the Maxx, though, is that the brightness tends to change frequently while just sitting in the same environment. So, I'll be sitting indoors somewhere, notice the screen brighten significantly, then dim a few seconds later, often dimmer than it was before it suddenly brightened.

    Is this just me or is this something others are noticing?

  2. 18t

    18t Well-Known Member

    Don't know much about it, but have heard a similar story. I believe there is an app out there to deal with it but can't think of the name
  3. ursine1

    ursine1 Member

    I'm seeing the same thing. I suspect that they may have adjusted the settings on this particular phone to help get the promised 48-hour battery life... or maybe there's just an issue; hopefully software, not sensor. I don't see any way to adjust the settings -- just off or on. It is a little annoying... I find myself changing it when I need to spend some extended time looking at the screen. Yay for the power control widget.
  4. davpel

    davpel Member

    I installed Velis Auto Brightness from the Play store, went through the configuration steps and all is well. No more flickering or annoying adjustments. Highly recommended.
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