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  1. maplewood

    maplewood Well-Known Member

    I just installed the Synergy Jelly Bean beta (.02). Very happy with it.

    However auto correct is off. (not altogether a bad thing) but I can't find where to turn it on. You'd think in Language somewhere but I'm not seeing it.

    BTW: I forgot to run "Unlock" before flashing the new rom. Didn't seem to matter and installed just fine.

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    hello maplewood what keyboard are you using? usually the setting for them are in languages and keyboards try installing swype or swiftkey and see if they show in settings :)
  3. maplewood

    maplewood Well-Known Member

    In Language and Input:

    Google voice typing is checked as in Samsung Keyboard. (However the Samsung is dimmed. Odd).

    Following the options next to DEFAULT (which is listed as Samsung Keyboard) asks for your default method. Samsung is the only (and checked) choice.

    I suppose I could install SwiftKey or something like it but I actually prefer the old hunt and peck method.

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