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Auto form fill app

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  1. pharmgirl222

    pharmgirl222 New Member

    Does anyone know of an app that stores name and address info for filling out forms online?

  2. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

  3. beadlam

    beadlam Member

    Just bumping this up - would really love something like this for my Droid.
  4. euclidpb

    euclidpb New Member

    It blows my mind that android is so far behind apple on this one. What a huge time saver this is on my PC. I'm really disappointed. ZRoboform for PC and usb can do 10 profiles for free. Their Droid app will not fill forms.
  5. Ggmomoney

    Ggmomoney New Member

    ROBOFORM download it it's. Free roboform.com

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