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auto-hide dock?

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  1. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    Is there an app/widget that will auto-hide the dock like the Windows taksbar that will either work in conjunction with LauncherPro or have its own dock?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Do you mean something like Quick Desk?
  3. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Szadzik. The overlay of the desktop/dock is nice over whatever program you are in.

    Im looking to have the dock hidden untill I "mouse" over it. I like having the most desktop real estate I can with the least bit of clutter. I have preference towards LauncherPro but I would quickly move to another dock/launcher if it is slick enough. Ill have to look around and try some out.
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Have you tried hiding the notification bar in Launcher Pro? You can set a shortcut/ swipe gesture on the dock to do it quickly.
  5. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    That does free up some area on the top. Thanks.

    Now If I could only do the same for the bottom dock.
  6. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    bump, anyone?
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I really doubt there is a way to get rid of the dock. Even if there is a way to do that, you will not be able to use that space in any way. Why not just use the dock in Launcher Pro and put your icons there?
  8. JTforPink

    JTforPink Well-Known Member

    The phone isn't going to let you put more apps there. However, you can use Launcherpro's multiple docks to put more apps down there if you want to. Some people don't know that you can set launcherpro so you can swipe the dock and move to another row of icons on the dock.
  9. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    Im not looking to use that empty space or put more icons there. I currently use launcher pro.

    I just want the dock to be hidden until I make a gesture or "mouse" over it. Then it will pop up and return to its normal location. Much like how you can have it in windows (taskbar).

    Im not looking for extra functionality. Just something to display more of the background.

    Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
  10. busyychild

    busyychild Active Member

    A member on xda pointed me to ADW Launcher. allows you to hide/show the dock with a up/down gesture. same with the taskbar.

  11. zachattac2

    zachattac2 New Member

    What you do if you want to hide the dock is go to the preferences for Launcher Pro and create an extra dock, 2 if you only use the main dock, or three if you want to use two. On the second (or in my case, third dock) you set the dock shortcuts to blank. So, when you swipe the dock to the left or right, it lands on a blank dock, instantly confusing anyone who wants to use your phone but is unauthorized. I also put the swipe gestures to use where I can hide the status bar from the blank shortcuts on my extra dock, so I don't have a dock or status bar if I don't want to.

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