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  1. allywright86

    allywright86 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 19, 2010
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    So I got an HTC desire in April, loved it, was awesome and everything I hoped it would be. Had an accident with it, smashed it and on insurance got a new one. The new one has been nothing but trouble. After about a month of having it it would switch itself off if I was using it for any length of time, such as sat nav...really annoying when driving places I didn't know!
    Then as time went on the reboot occurred more and more often and having looked on here I see other people have had the same problem with it restarting out of the blue and then taking a good while to complete the start up, sometimes having to take the battery out and wait a while. Have tried all the tips and tricks that have been posted on here but nothing has worked. (Am going back to the store tomorrow to see if they can help as it's now got ridiculously bad)
    Today it decided to wipe all of my contacts, this morning it was fine, everyone was there, linked to facebook, pictures appeared next to text messages. This afternoon I was trying to send a text and it couldn't find a contact, that was when I realised they'd all gone apart from email addresses.
    Any suggestions as to why they'd be deleted and how I can get them back?


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