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  1. CJSF

    CJSF New Member

    My tablet's auto rotate stopped functioning yesterday (and yes, I checked the switch). I have had the tablet since December 2011, and upgraded to ICS in May or June (I forget when exactly). I've heard there can be various reasons for this, so I am open to some suggestions before I try to send the thing in for repairs. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to tell if it's a dead sensor or somehow related to software/apps?


  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    Android posts information messages in the system log whenever the screen orientation switch is toggled, or when any app activates or deactivates automatic orientation. It also posts error messages to the log every 20ms if the motion sensors have failed to initialize, and automatic orientation is activated.

    An easy way to view the log is via the aLogcat app which is available from the Play Store.

    You can use this information to determine if you have a bad screen orientation lock switch, or if you have encountered the ICS caused sensor initialization problem.
  3. CJSF

    CJSF New Member

    Thank you. I've got the app, and toggling the switch seems to "do something" (I have no idea what most of the messages in the log mean). Should something show up in the log if I tilt or rotate the tablet? What should I look for to tell me what the problem could be?

  4. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    This message is posted when you unlock the screen orientation (switch left):

    [ 09-26 22:16:01.830 141:0xaa V/Sensors ]
    enabled_sensors: 16384 dmp_started: 0

    ...and when you lock it (switch right):

    [ 09-26 22:16:05.020 141:0xaa V/Sensors ]
    enabled_sensors: 0 dmp_started: 1

    If you see those messages when expected, your switch is functioning normally.

    If you see the following messages in rapid sequence when the switch is set to unlocked, then you have encountered the Iconia ICS motion sensor initialization failure. Error messages print in aLogcat in red text.

    [ 05-04 06:51:48.520 141:0x99 E/Sensors ] MLUpdateData error (code 26)
    [ 05-04 06:51:48.570 141:0x99 E/Sensors ] MLUpdateData error (code 26)
    [ 05-04 06:51:48.620 141:0x99 E/Sensors ] MLUpdateData error (code 26)

    If the switch function is normal, and the code 26 errors are never being posted, then you have some other problem. Advanced Tools by SCDevs includes a good collection of sensor test tools. You may also want to check for apps that may be interfering with normal sensor operation. Apps can control and affect sensor behavior. If you are not sure which app is causing problems, you can try a Factory data reset to clear everything.

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