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  1. sampang

    sampang New Member

    just got my phone 2 days, normal use , install few apps, but the phone start to auto shutdown once in a while, and it happen quite often, are you guys having same problem ? anyway, send back to samsung service center, waiting for reply.

  2. salman92

    salman92 Member

    HI, ,,, got my phone 10days , normal use , few apps but yesterday my phone was off when i check and i could not restart from ON/OFF button i'd to take out battery for restart..... i dnt know wat went wrong wid phone now working normal ........ ????
  3. Hi all,

    This might the application which installed creats this issue. I too got this issue and I un intalled the latest down loaded application and tried its ok but some time the mobile takes long time to respond due to back running application.
  4. Marcus_SwJ

    Marcus_SwJ Active Member

    Yep I'm facing the same issue here... At 1st I tought it was my pouch tat was too tight tat it pressed the power off button... Bt its nt the fon actually suts down itself when I was talking with my fren when he called me... Lol nt sure wat is goin wrong...
  5. aceuser

    aceuser Well-Known Member

    Does not seem the problem with the phone just appps. uninstall or rather install one apps at a time only use it for some time then another app to be installed
  6. scorp1711

    scorp1711 New Member

    hi guys
    i am from dubai and have the same problem... my phone turns off automatically from past 9 days. today the same thing happened and now im not able to turn on my phone..pls. can someone help me with this...
  7. arinxde

    arinxde New Member

    Hi guys ,

    I am facing the same problem and I did the factory reset. Till now I am getting the same prob Can any one help?
  8. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

    its the froyo that comes with it. upgrade to gingerbread.
  9. yokeshkimi

    yokeshkimi New Member

    hi even after update i am having the same problem.....?
  10. Marcus_SwJ

    Marcus_SwJ Active Member

    Upgraded to gingerbread. Solved the problem but the RAM went up to 424/487... Wont go down any lesser than 385... Guessing that its the gingerbread problem...
  11. mawais15

    mawais15 Member

    Hello guys,

    I've also about the same problem, My Amaze is Asian version with JuopunutBear S-OFF and ICS Speed Rom installed.
    The problem with my phone is that while its charging or in use, it doesn't shut down, but when idle for some time with no music application running in background, it shut down.
    then it doesn't turn on unless you pull the battery for a while and re insert it,

    Can anyone plz tell me what's the issue, is it battery or some culprit application?

    Thanks :)

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