auto start app to start apps on boot?

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  1. xxwckdxx

    xxwckdxx Well-Known Member

    Is there a app to auto start select apps? I purchased lock 2.0 love the app but it doesn't load at start up.

  2. xxwckdxx

    xxwckdxx Well-Known Member

    Found a app called application recovery on boot that seems to do the trick for now.....I keep getting a force close at times
  3. ryan79260

    ryan79260 Active Member

    Tasker is currently in beta and talked about in other threads here. I downloaded yesterday and it is a very nice feature rich application that you can use to schedule applications, tasks, etc. It will schedule tasks at boot/start up.

    Like I said, it is still in Beta, but the current version I have seems to be stable and functional.

    Tasker for Android
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  4. randy_c

    randy_c Well-Known Member

    These are the apps running when I turn my phone on. Keep having using task advance to turn it off. Battery not very good:
    paypal, instant messaging, fring, drocap2, vlingo, youtubeclock, gmailgallery, quice office etc..

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