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  1. chipper10hr

    chipper10hr New Member

    My GSII seems to turn off Auto Sync randomly. This means my gmail doesn't sync until I do it manually. It's really annoying. Anyone else have this happen?

  2. LastUnicorn

    LastUnicorn New Member

    yes that used to happen to me all the time. it has to do with power saving mode. in your settings, you probably have "turn off auto-sync" selected. when your phone goes into power saving mode, it turns off auto-sync, but does NOT turn it back on when you have full battery (this is should restore your original settings...). uncheck this option and you should be fine
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  3. nexxman

    nexxman Member

    thanks! That was the fix for me. I had it turning off in tasker.
  4. ferdossi

    ferdossi Active Member

    I have the same issue but I don't use power saving mode, the 2 checkboxes are unchecked so I assume that the auto sync should not be affected by the low battery power...
    Is there another setting for that?
  5. ferdossi

    ferdossi Active Member

    Ok, I finally solved it, I use Setting Profile as profile manager and I don't know why but one of my profiles had one of its settings to turn off the auto sync data....
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  6. gerrylum

    gerrylum New Member

    Thank you! I've been having this same problem as well! Wouldn't have thought about checking profiles if not for this thread.

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