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  1. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    Hi guys i am looking for an app that switches between wifi and 3g whenever wifi signal is low. i am not talking about an app that turns off wifi when the phone sleeps or wifi hasnt been used for a while or anything like that. neither am i looking for an app that detects location using towers or gps or anything like that to switch based on geographical location. half the time this happens at work (insane internet connection but several thousand wifi users) so location will show as having a good connection, but every now and then it gets clogged, returning again 30 secs later.

    sometimes when i am surfing i notice a significant slowdown and then notice that the wifi signal has dropped off to zero bars, but the phone doesnt seem to switch to 3g/data signal, just keeps trying wifi. presumably this is because it is getting a reply from the wifi origin, but not strong/fast enough to load webpages, so it acknowledges that it is connected but isnt getting the data.

    i want something that monitors the wifi signal when it is being used in the foreground, detects when signal is poor, and re-sends requests using 3g connection so that the damn webpage actually loads. of course it needs to start using wifi again if the signal improves.

    i dont want to have to notice that things are slow, come out of the browser to turn off wifi manually only to have to turn it back on to check if signal has improved 30 seconds later.

  2. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    nb, i am using ICS on an Xperia S..
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hmm, this is concerning, just because my phone automatically disconnects from Wifi when the signal gets low and switches to 3G / 4G LTE.

    We have had people ask this before, but you know the phone should do this for you.

    You could try using Tasker and setting something up with that, I am not familiar with the capabilities of tasker so you would have to check it out more. :)

    Sorry i couldnt be of more help
  4. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    if i lose wifi signal completely then it does switch to 3g without a problem. the problem lies in the interim position where the phone is showing as connected and is getting a reply from the access point, but data transmission is so slow that it is not worth it.

    been discussing it on FB as well.

    if there is an app you would need to set a few well thought out variables, like:
    a hard ceiling - if wifi > 50% use it regardless (technically doing this anyway)
    a hard floor - if wifi = 0% turn to 3g regardless (does this anyway)
    otherwise say if 3g% - wifi% > 30% use 3g (this should be user defined percentage)

    trouble is that a fair few times at work/uni my wifi will drop to zero bars a few times a day (that i notice) for a short period of time, but still remain connected to the wifi service. i suppose any function would need to be wired into the browser, so when the browser notices that it is not receiving data quick enough (it tells you after a certain period of time anyway) it suspends wifi and re-sends requests using 3g. I think the cutoff for getting a browser error is about 15 secs. so say after 8 secs the browser re-sends using 3g. i suppose it may be possible to do this without turning off wifi at all, just re-sends that single request using 3g, then hopefully when it sends another request wifi is working again, otherwise after 8 secs it uses 3g again etc etc...
  5. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    other people have suggested that i just put a wifi toggle on the homescreen. problem is that i dont want to stop trying to use wifi, it only goes down for a short period. I dont want to switch to 3g only to have to keep switching wifi back on every 30 secs to see if service has perked up a bit..
  6. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    Since there's no way to coordinate a cellular-style handover to or from Wi-Fi, you're probably better off not having that switch being automatic. If you're in the middle of a call or HTTPS session, you're going to get dropped if the phone automatically moves to Wi-Fi. This could be disastrous in some cases.

    No doubt somebody will come up with an app for that sooner or later.
  7. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I agree with Speed Daemon, it will happen at some point, however for right now, if you try SwitchPro you might be able to schedule some switching or something depending on what you want.

    Just a suggestions, as your options seem very limited :(

    Hope this helps.
  8. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    so if i am in a call and my phone turns wifi on then i get dropped? cause it does that all the time (connects/disconnects wifi while i am on the phone) but i dont lose the call.
  9. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Switching from Data to Wifi, does not change cellular radios and does not cause you to lose reception for a few seconds, in turn, you will not lose calls because of it.
  10. femgoth

    femgoth Active Member

    why would i get dropped then?
  11. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I'm saying in contradiction to what Speed Daemon said, you will not get dropped because wifi turns off and on. :S

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