Autocorrect numbers from log?

  1. FlexyDemon

    FlexyDemon New Member

    Here in Surinam (South America) we have an annoying problem between carriers which the authorities don't seem to care about correcting.
    The country code is +597. Landlines have 6 numbers.
    So a normal number would be +597456789.

    Problem is that incoming calls show up as +5975974456789 or sometimes as +5970456789.
    So there is a extra 597 and an extra 4, or an extra 0 in the number making it impossible to press the Callback button.

    Does anyone know of an app that can auto correct these numbers in the log? Or when pressing the callback button?
    Or an app where you can setup your own auto correct rules for this?
    Example: change every +597597 into just +597 and IF number has 7 characters, delete the 1st one etc.?

    If not, can anyone create an app like that?

    Thanks in advance,
    Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII


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