Automatic conversation recorder.

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  1. jahabdank

    jahabdank New Member

    Hey Everybody,

    I am looking for an automatic conversation recorder application. What I need the application to do is to constantly 'listen' on the microphone, and as soon somebody around starts speaking (the noise level increases to high) it automatically starts to record the conversation. Once there are no more sounds coming in for e.g. a few minutes, it stops recording.

    Have anybody heard of an app like that?


  2. jahabdank

    jahabdank New Member

  3. Duffin

    Duffin Well-Known Member

    Its not something I've heard of, but I can imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to write an app for those who know how to program apps. Are you trying to record with subterfuge or something? If not, you can easily just start the recorder before a conversation begins.
  4. LaCeS OuT

    LaCeS OuT Well-Known Member

    vRecorder works.
  5. Intruder

    Intruder Well-Known Member

    Also bang illegal to record a conversation without the other person knowing
  6. EinZtein

    EinZtein Well-Known Member

    This law had recently changed, permission no longer needed.
  7. Duffin

    Duffin Well-Known Member

    Actually, that's not true. It only changed in regards to federal charges, not local or state. Their laws still stand.
  8. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    It's always worth bearing in mind that Android is pretty much a global product - hence without knowing otherwise it's quite possible that the OP is from Eastern Tasmania as they are from the US.

    This being so, it behooves each person knowing about the rules applicable to the jurisdiction in question.
  9. goodm0urning

    goodm0urning Well-Known Member

    not that i condone it, but if i really needed to get a recording of someone, i'd do it...
  10. mancow

    mancow Well-Known Member

    It depends what state you are in. Some only require one party know about the recording.

  11. braj

    braj Well-Known Member

    I have a Pulse Smartpen, it does this but honestly I'd rather have an app for my phone, it would be more handy.
  12. braj

    braj Well-Known Member

    duh, sorry don't know how to delete...
  13. jahabdank

    jahabdank New Member


    regarding the law:
    I am not from US, and in my country it is legal to make recordings, of personal coversations. They can not be used in the court as evidence, but you can record them.

    I am a doing a speech and conversation related research, and I am interested in recordings only for the scientific purposes.

    The thing is that the most interesting reactions you can observe when people are surprised, thus I will not always have the time to click record (sometimes I act spontaneously). At first I thought that I would record the whole day, and then in the evening just edit the interesting parts, but this is just annoying. It should be quite easy to make an app that only starts recording if the volume suddenly increases.

    Thanks in advance,
  14. jahabdank

    jahabdank New Member

    Just to clear out, I am not interested in phone conversations (there is a dozen of apps that can do it) - I am talking about person a person conversations.

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