Automatic factory reset when battery drains completely

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    Jun 23, 2011
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    Hi All,

    Thanks to the good folks in this forum, I have rooted my Hero and flashed it with KDeck's GB ROM (2.3.4)

    Recently (twice in last two weeks), I've noticed the following problem:

    After my battery drains completely, if I charge it a little or plug it in and then switch it on, my phone appears to be factory reset and I get the same google account sign-in screen as if I'm starting my phone for the very first time.

    The market app only restores a few of my apps, even though on the market website I see the full list of my apps. Also, in the markets app on the phone, I don't see all the apps that appear in my apps drawer (that were also installed by the market app). I did wipe both the cache partition and the davlik cache in recovery and then reboot to see if the market app would sync, but that didn't work.

    The obvious answer is to not let the battery drain fully, but now that it's happened:

    1. Any suggestions on how I can restore my apps via syncing with my market account?

    2. If the above is not possible, what is a generally good titanium backup workflow, so i can restore painlessly next time it happens?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    May 29, 2010
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    If you sign into the Android Market on your computer, I am pretty sure you can "push" the apps in that list to your phone right from your web browser. There should be an option for it on the Android Market website where your apps list is.

    If you made a Nandroid backup of your setup after you installed KDeck's Android 2.3 ROM, you could restore to that. I am not sure why it would be factory resetting your handset due to power loss though.

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