Automatically format photos for wallpaper use

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  1. benfgsg

    benfgsg Well-Known Member

    Setting a photo as my wallpaper is a very very frustrating thing. Not all pictures are the correct size and you have to use only a portion of the photo which inevitably leads to parts of the photo being cut or pixelation. This issue is really prevalent with pictures off of google images or facebook. An app that automatically adjusts the resolution to the screen resolution of an android phone would be an absolutely amazing app and I can't take full credit for the idea because I've read people complaining about this issue elsewhere on Phandroid. So yeah... App Devs, this one would be a definate winner :)

  2. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member

    First, automatically adjusting the size (resolution and size aren't always
    the same thing, so I suggest you get used to referring to image size) is
    not as simple as just re-sizing, unless you don't care about the aspect
    ratio (ratio of width:height). If you resize one by a different amount
    than the other, you stretch (or shrink) one more than the other, and you
    end up with faces wider that look extra-wide and extra-narrow from
    bottom to top, or the opposite (tall/thin), etc.... Not a Good Thing(tm).

    The same is true for any photography, or any other type of imagery.
    If you don't keep the same aspect ratio, you can really screw things up.

    I'm going to be doing a few photography apps for my own photography.
    What I'm planning on doing for cases where simply re-sizing my photos
    isn't enough is build a matte around the image (similar to a frame) to
    fill in the gap. Kind of like the horizontal bars when watching a 16:9
    program on an old 4:3 TV (like my ancient POC TV), except not just
    black bars.... Actually, a matte around an image looks better than just
    the image, anyways.

    Perhaps I could extend my photography apps and make one to accept
    any outside imagery, too, and resize it and then build a simple matte
    for it I'll put that in my ideas list. It should be just a simple modification
    to the original idea, allowing for external rather than built-in imagery.

    We'll see.... I've still got some learning to do, first. :)
  3. benfgsg

    benfgsg Well-Known Member

    I was primarily referring to photos that are too big and only a portion of the photo is visible. I would like an app that make the photo wallpaper friendly, not by stretching, but retaining the original ratio. Black bars on the side I would not mind, so long as the photo looked decent in the background. Whichever (height or width) that is longer would affect the matte. I understand aspect ratios and everything, I just thought I'd start the thread with an overly optimistic idea :)

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