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  1. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    Wanted to post a separate thread since technically this is a different issue. As we all know, Smart Actions is not included in the Droid Maxx. Assist is it's replacement. It seems neat but it doesn't have the customizability (is that a word, lol?) that Smart Actions did. What I want to do is have the phone go to vibrate for everything at 8:00 AM and go back to normal at 5:00 PM. Assist will only silence the phone during meetings, which I assume it gets from your calendar.

    I used to use a combination of Timeriffic and Smart Actions on my Razr Maxx. I didn't want to install Timeriffic again if I didn't have to, so wanted to ask you folks how you silence your ringer automatically throughout the day...? Thanks!

  2. 18t

    18t Well-Known Member

    tasker or llama. can use either to set conditional automating tasks. i prefer tasker and have profiles setup to silence between 11-6am and vibrate while connected to wifi at work.
  3. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    I'll take a look at Tasker, thanks! I had tried Llama in the past; I liked it but there was some reason why I didn't go with it. Ah, I remember... it's because it didn't separate the Notification/Ringer volume. Timeriffic has a "hack" for ICS+ devices to separate the two that works quite well. Since I don't care about Notification noises anymore - except for the ringer of course - I may try Llama again. But I'll definitely check out Tasker. Thank you!
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Llama definitely separates ringer and notification volumes, and it's much easier to use than Tasker for something as simple as this.

    That said, you could use the Assist app's "sleeping" function to silence notifications from 8 am until 5 pm, but then you'd not be able to do the same overnight. And, of course, Llama can discretely set the silence for M-F and ignore doing so on weekends .

    I've been using Assist for this the last three weeks but I'm about to switch back to Llama (which I used on my last phone) because it also makes sure when I turn the phone back to normal mode (i.e., sounds on), Llama's profile also makes sure that my default ringtone and notification tones are set, in case they were changed by my fat fingers accidentally. (I also turn off data sync overnight while I'm sleeping - something that Llama can do - so that important GMail messages that I might receive overnight will not wake me when the phone vibrates, though I could just turn off vibrate in Llama overnight, too...)

    Another good app to look at is Shush, but that's not automatic, I think - you manually turn off sound at any time and Shush will prompt you when you want the sound back on again.
  5. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply. I've a buddy who uses Shush on his Razr HD but like you said, it's not automatic. And I didn't think about using the sleeping function during the day - great idea! I could have sworn that Llama said something about not being able to separate Notification and Ringer volumes. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Maybe I'm thinking of System volume? Anyway, I liked the layout of Llama so maybe I'll try it again along with Tasker to see which I like best. I still have my Razr Maxx which is due to be sent back to Verizon soon. I'll test on that first so I don't booger up my new phone with too many apps. :p

    Thanks again!

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