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Automatically switch CyanogenMod Profiles

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  1. jmk123

    jmk123 New Member

    Since I started using CyanogenMod, I have been using the Profiles functionality it includes, which lets me set a bunch of things for a specific profile, including everything sound related as well as things like whether to have WiFi, GPS, mobile data etc. on/off. For example, when I get into my car, I switch to my car profile that turns on GPS and mobile data and turns off WiFi. When I get to uni, I switch to my uni profile which turns off GPS and mobile data and turns on WiFi, and mutes all sound.

    So I have just been switching profiles manually, and have been trying to find a way to have them switch automatically. I tried a bunch of different apps (Locale, Llama, PhoneWeaver), but none of them worked very well for this. So now I'm trying to do this with Tasker. I purchased this plugin to allow Tasker to change the CyanogenMod profile:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.martinutils.profiletasker

    I've been trying to play around with using Tasker and this plugin to automatically switch profiles for me, but I haven't had much success. I made a profile called Home, which is activated when I'm connected to my home WiFi and changes my profile to the Home profile. For the most part this seems to work. I then tried to make a profile called Car, which is activated when I plug the phone into my car dock. Tasker detects this, but it seems to activate both the Home and Car Tasker profiles, and does not switch to my CyanogenMod Car profile.

    So does anyone have any ideas for how I can achieve what I'm trying?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Maybe you need to add an exit task to the home profile or a kill task to the car profile
  3. jmk123

    jmk123 New Member

    Could you explain how I would do something like that? I can't work out how to add an exit task or kill task.
  4. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    Long press on the task in the profile to add an exit task.

    There is a Stop Task action under Tasks.
  5. LibraSun

    LibraSun New Member

    I'd like to figure out a way to do the reverse of what the OP sought...

    namely, initiate a Tasker task based on which CM Profile I choose.

    I'm sure changing my CM Profile creates an event of some kind, but I wouldn't know where to begin to write a Tasker profile to sense it.

    Any guidance here, gents?
  6. sir0knightfall

    sir0knightfall Well-Known Member

    What does your cm profile do? That would help find the trigger.
  7. sir0knightfall

    sir0knightfall Well-Known Member

    You made a profile for wifi connected now make a profile for wifi not connected. If any know wifi spots are at your destination, make a profile for it.

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