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  1. new2tablets

    new2tablets Member

    When I flip the phone horizontal, it does not auto rotate. I have to open the keyboard and then it will orient correctly but as soon as the keyboard is closed, it goes back vertical. Even browser content does not display correctly. Verizon Tech support offered no real solutions. They had me boot into safe mode but that does not make any difference. They said next option would be a factory reset. I had a moto droid 2 for 16 months and never had to call support once. I have had this phone for a little more than 2 weeks and with the power issue (both consumption and limited charging options), this thing does not give me great confidence in Samsung mobile. grrrr

  2. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    the stock launcher does not rotate with the accelerometer in the phone by design, if you install a different launcher you can get the homescreento rotate (i use adwlauncher) but the stock homescreen doesnt work that way.

    as for why nothing else is working i have no clue, it works just fine on my phone (too good really, there is almost zero delay so if i tip the phone to far to a side it rotates)
  3. scottdave

    scottdave New Member

    Perhaps something has turned off the autorotate feature. One app that I have which has a power optimization feature does turn off autorotate as a power saving measure. There is a free Widget that you can get from the Google Play store called 'Auto Rotate Widget' which simple toggles the autorotate status. You could try if this fixes the problem.

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