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  1. rachpreach

    rachpreach Active Member

    So I have a "remanufatured" samsung s3 from asurion because my other one got a pressure crack in the LCD....I have great luck. So I just got it yesterday and Im assuming that the auto-rotate hasnt worked since I got it. Its not only not working but its messing up my phone. When I launch the camera application(which automatically goes into landscape for shooting) and I close it and go back to my home screen, my homescreen is all rotated around into landscape also. And the only way I can get it out of it and back to normal is my locking the phone and unlocking it again. And yes I have it set on autorotate, I have done all the tricks of taking the battery out for 30 seconds and putting it back in. Its really screwed up. What should I do? FML....

  2. silentwitness

    silentwitness Well-Known Member

    try a factory reset not sure it will solve the issue but worth a try oterwise try contacting samsung and asking them.
  3. rachpreach

    rachpreach Active Member

    thanks, i took it to the att "fix it" store and he relaced it with a NEW phone...stupid refubed phones...

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