Aux Audio Sound Problem?

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  1. Data

    Data Member

    Has any1 else had any problems using an auxiliary audio cable to connect their droid to their radio in their car? I have been trying it out the last few days and have noticed "crackling" in the left speakers. If i fiddle with the Aux cable that plugs into the phone it clears up. But as soon as I let go its back. Has any1 else had this problem? Is the only fix to return the phone?

    I have a 39/09 btw.

  2. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    There's a thread about this, actually. A lot of people have been experiencing the same problem. I don't think the underlying problem has been determined yet, but it seems to be rectified by lowering the volume on the Droid and using the volume control on the external device.
  3. Data

    Data Member

    Great, thank you for the tip. Ill try that out.
  4. procka1

    procka1 New Member

    Vincent is right it worked for me by lowering the media volume on the droid down by 1 level. Although it would be nice that you did not have to do that. I wonder if they will make an app to automatically adjust aux ouput settings depending on the device you are outputing to.
  5. reniljackson

    reniljackson New Member

    Even I was facing the same problem and I think most of us were having this issue but lowering the media volume was the solution I was looking for. It has solved my problem and now I can hear clear sound coming from the speakers.
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member


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