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  1. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Ok so im having a massive issue regarding Samsung Galaxy S3's volume output specificially out of headphones (any) AND the car stereo Aux jack.

    So for comparison i played the same song on the same headphones on my Iphone 4 and then my GS3 and the GS3 on maximum volume is barely halfway compared to the iphone 4. When i plug it into the car aux input you cant hear it at all even with the car stereo volume being on maximum...all my mates reakon the GS3 is shit because of this reason..

    Ive been reading that the international version has some restriction on the volume output due to EUROPEAN regulations but guess what samsung AUSTRALIA has no laws so if this is true wtf...

    Does anyone have any real solutions to this problem that doesnt involve jerky distorted equilizer amplifications that totally ruin the song? Some sort of app or rooting?

    If anyone manages to resolve this problme i'll send you a reward through steam or paypal ;)

  2. Pugger

    Pugger Member

    I don't know if this will help at all but there's an app in the play store named Volume+. It allows a decent volume increase. I believe it's a known issue though.
  3. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Yeh that app just increases it a little but its an equilizer band aid rather than an actual fix that unlocks the phones ACTUAL sound potential
  4. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

  5. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    I use a belkin aircast, no problems with volume at all, I can adjust the output level with the phone volume control.

    Also, take a look at your car head unit, many have a input level for aux connections - turn that up and its like a pre-amp on the signal from the phone.
  6. Lee_1011

    Lee_1011 New Member

    This is a HUGE problem!

    I have it too, bought my new S3 4G from Telstra and the prime reason was to watch TV/Movies on the beautiful screen. Well guess what? TV and Movies SUCK without sound.

    I downloaded the equalizer app, it did improve the sound, however not anywhere NEAR an acceptable level.. The music players sound is perfect, on both inbuilt speakers and earphones. On media players (stock and VLC) TV/Movies (in a variety of formats) on both inbuilt speakers and earphones is incredibly shitty.

    If anyone has a solution PLEASE let me know, such an amazing phone has SUCH a fatal flaw............. almost worth switching back to iPhone 4s's crappy little screen just so I can actually HEAR what I am squinting at (small iphone screen...).

    I have posted another thread about it here, hopefully it'll find an answer. :(
  7. ldivinag

    ldivinag Well-Known Member

  8. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Yep only solution is to buy a Fiio amp, i bought hte Fiio 5 or something like that its small and makes the sound so much more louder AND it sounds better too a worthy $50 investment go it from ebay.
  9. wavyxdavy

    wavyxdavy New Member

    A soft reset fixed the problem for me, try it please
  10. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Just get one of the free EQ apps and put all the levels to full.
    Or some custom roms let you adjust the volume.
    some 3rd party music players like Player Pro or Power Amp have pre amp gain as well as EQ so you can turn the volume up. As long as your headphones can handle it.
    My international s3 just gives an on-screen warning when you put volume above a certain level.
    Stock music player is too quiet for me but the free EQ apps i was talking about work universaly on the phone meaning they control the sound on youtube for example.
    I use PowerAmp music player (not free) and a free widget called AudioMaster i think :thumbup:
    Plus my rom lets me adjust headphone and/or speaker loudness
    EDIT sorry AudioMaster Pro ISNT free... i think the dev' sent me the .apk to test but i used to use Music Volume Eq which IS free and does the same job.
    Any amp/pre-amp wether its software or hardware is gona give you some distortion i would think
  11. whiskthecat

    whiskthecat Member

    Hello there guys. Sorry for digging up this old thread but I have created a device to solve this problem if anyone is still struggling with it. Here is a link to the kickstarter.
  12. I'm sorry your kick starter did not work. Are you trying another way. I'm very interested.

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