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Avabel Online Mmorpg

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  1. phoenixbluex

    phoenixbluex Member

    So I recently found out about this mmorpg for Android called Avabel Online. It's only in japanese right now but it is supposely coming out in English in March. I played it yesterday and it probably has the best graphics I've seen in a mobile mmorpg, almost like a PC mmorpg.

    The language is in japanese but the game has a huge, friendly english-speaking population. In fact the game chat was entirely in english and full of people helping others figure out the menus the stuff. Was fun chatting with english players in this game :D Maybe check it out or wait until the english version comes out.

    Google play link:

    Youtube video:
    AVABEL Online Android Gameplay First Look (TF300) - YouTube

  2. kimsgrim

    kimsgrim New Member

    This looks really cool! If I started a character now, would I be able to use the same one come the release of the English version? Or would I have to start again?

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