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[Avail] ClockWorkMod Recovery (fat/fat32)--ATT (etc) Avail Z990

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  1. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    ClockWorkMod Recovery with FAT/FAT32 support
    ZTE Avail Z990

    [do not re-post this on any other forum site--i developed this, and i'm entitled to this request]
    [should you decide to disobey, link back to this original thread at least--i'm still going to report you here and there]

    for users without an sd-ext partition, or users with an sd-ext partition that is formatted fat/fat32

    flash from phone terminal or pc terminal--i suggest pc terminal and directions are given for such
    --you must have adb set up; there are many ways to do this, and easier ways than using the whole Android SDK (you are responsible for this)



    1) download the Avail_fat_recovery.img from above and copy to the root of your sdcard

    2) in pc command console type
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell  
    2. su  
    3. flash_image recovery /sdcard/Avail_fat_recovery.img  
    4. reboot recovery

    your phone will reboot into the new recovery

    You now have ClockWorkMod Recovery on your Avail with fat/fat32 support

    [if for any reason you wish to go back to stock recovery, download the Avail_stock_recovery.img from above and install in the same manner you installed CWM Recovery above]


    **koush for clockworkmod recovery**


  2. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    Just a quick note: This release supports fat or fat32 on an sd-ext partition. So if you are like me and you decided to use fat32 for your sd-ext then this release is for you. I have tested it myself and it works well.
  3. jamespfassett

    jamespfassett Well-Known Member

    Hey Value, are you getting better performance/space usage by using fat32 vs ext filesystem? Or is it about the same?
  4. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    Actually it's better to use ext because it's the native format. I made a mistake when I used fat32, but i'm too lazy to reformat and put everything back on my sd-ext. I am not sure about performance because I have never used the ext format myself on this phone. But if you are just starting out I would use ext because it will be simpler.
  5. jamespfassett

    jamespfassett Well-Known Member

    Ok, yeah I figured native would be better, ext3 in particular because of journaling, just wanted to make sure.
  6. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    Yea I have been kicking myself in the rear ever since I formated to to fat32 lol stayboogy was just kind enough to endulge me and make one with fat32 support to accommodate my laziness. Eventually I will reformat to ext and use his other recovery. But for all the dummies like me hopefully this will come in handy.
  7. algree

    algree Member

    I tried ext3 for the 2nd partition and used link2sd but at times after reboot link2sd would'nt read the 2nd partition it would say no 2nd partition found make sure you format your sd card with 2 partitions I would have to reboot again and at times reboot 2-3 times
    so I reformated the the complete 8gb sd to fat16 then resized to 6gb fat16 and 2gb fat32 then a hard reboot (turn off then turn back on) I've linked everything I could to the sdcard 2nd partition and I've downloaded about 100 apps and using auto link in link2sd everything i installd went to sd and no problems when using Quick boot or a hard boot I think fat32 is better because Thats native to sd and that is what android is set up to read

    This is on my rooted samsung Proclaim I've been using fat32 now for about 3 months now with no Problems
  8. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    links removed

    my work was shared on another forum without my permission
  9. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    files reposted
  10. missmel12

    missmel12 Member

    can you post the link again?

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