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  1. CADeBot

    CADeBot New Member

    When I am in a call, unless I turn on the speakerphone, I can not hear a thing. The other people can hear me though. It works just fine on speakerphone. I have tried blowing on the speaker with no luck.

  2. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    Have you tried hitting the volume button on the side when in a call...LOL...you never know. Also check in settings under "Sound" that silent mode is not set, can also set all volumes there as well...
  3. LocoYaro

    LocoYaro New Member

    I have the same problem.... killing me... anyone help!

    Volume n stuff is fine.
  4. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Does media play? Long shot but you don't have a screen protector over the speaker do you?
  5. moore93

    moore93 New Member

    Happened to me too.

    I've done 3 resets so far because resets seemed to have fixed it for some odd reason which would indicate a software issue however this last reset has not.

    I need to return this thing because now it's even doing it barebone stock.

    The ear speaker in call is completely non-functional, only the external speaker works when you enable speaker phone.

    And no, I'm not stupid or phone illiterate, It's not on mute or anything ridiculous like that.

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