[Avail] [ROM] one.three [kernel1.0 included plus video fix] (update Apr 12)

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  1. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    one.three :)


    after flashing please check setting:
    check setting/about/build number:

    added stock calendar and calculator
    added no-frills cpu
    added OC kernel10
    updated su binary

    all apps are updated
    Fixed video recording thanks to wyldesolos
    removed hackers keyboard

    more stuff has been themed
    Nexus ring-tones/notification tones added
    camera ics added (video doesn't work still)
    latest go launcher
    es file explorer
    hackers keyboard
    Play Store (latest android market)

    initial release:
    based on stock rom
    unsecured boot.img
    latest busybox
    my build.prop added (no need to add this)
    blue nexus default wallpaper
    ICS Theme: battery, wifi, and signal bars

    really fast and stable!
    a few other tweaks..

    Deleted from system:
    live wallpaper
    att stuff
    and a lot of other apps that are not needed

    replaced talk - talk1.3 thanks to britoso
    replaced launcher2 - Go Launcher EX

    turning on wifi will through you in a bootloop [fixed]
    Video recording is not working! Force Closes! [fixed]

    please test and feel free to report any bugs

    Screen Shots:

  2. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    How to install:


    put the .zip to the root of your sd card
    (do not rename anything)
    (do not unzip)

    boot into clockworkmod
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partitions

    -install zip from sdcard

    If you get stuck in a bootloop for some odd reason wipe everything again and go to mounts and format system!

    one.three (password is one.three) latest kernel1.0 included
    one.two old (password is one.two) everything should be up to date!
    one.one testing not sure if it is stable yet..
    (dl should be back up!)
    one.zero initial release older (nandroid backup method)

    Feel free to donate to further my education!
  3. netw3rkd

    netw3rkd Member

    I like the work you've done, however (there's always a catch) could you include google calendar and its services, plus stock music player and some type of photo gallery app, even the old 2d version would be cool and I imagine it wouldn't take up a whole lot of space.

    I've yet to come across any bugs. Even the nandroid restore went flawlessly. Also, is it possible for us to remove carrierIQ completely? I know some devices it is buried pretty deep, yet some others aren't. I have disabled it per a code I found on http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/0...e-avail-att-offer-quick-and-easy-root-access/ yet i'm still paranoid.

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
    If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
  4. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I think I will do a light and full version and in the full version I will include stock apps like what you are saying. For temporary you could download quickpic for a gallery and google music for music and calendar all free from the market.

    CarrierIQ is a tough one. I've deleted one of the apk from the system already, but to fully remove it there is more to it. [INFO REQ] Details on CIQ from DEV's - xda-developers I'm not sure how to edit jar and odex files at the moment. I heard there are some apps in the market that could disable it on boot. I will try my best to see what I could do. I've been so busy with work and trying to overclock this thing..
  5. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the work. Glad someone is interested in messing with this phone.
  6. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Been trying all day to install this. Just tells me no file found. Any suggestions?????
  7. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Something was wrong with the url.. It should be working now.
  8. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Running one.one now for about 12 hours. Runs great. Really like it. No problems that i have seen. I am using Rom toolbox. It only shows 600 mhz. I am not adjusting any cpu, as you said. Is this normal. Or should i see 1 ghz? Thanks for your work.
  9. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Any cpu app will show default which is 600 and the governor will be set to ondemand. This is normal. Just don't mess around with the speeds or governor it will mess up the overclock script I added.
  10. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Ok. It is running smooth. Battery seems fine as well. Thanks.
    Question. Recovery on my device is acting wierd. The buttons will not work until i reflash. Do you have that problem?
  11. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good!
    I've been using Terminal Emulator
    Type su (enter)
    reboot recover (enter)
    and everything from there works fine.
  12. netw3rkd

    netw3rkd Member

    After downloading one.one.zip numerous times on two computers, and my phone, extracting on windows 7 using 7zip and ubuntu11.10, I still keep getting md5sum errors when trying to restore.. any advice?
  13. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    You do not unzip it! read instructions again! install zip from sdcard!
  14. netw3rkd

    netw3rkd Member

    oh awesome, misread the instructions. Thank you.
  15. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    More feedback. This is noticeably faster. On wifi, every thing is rendered faster. I added a gsm tweak to the build prop, to help with reception in my area. Thanks again. I am enjoying messing with this phone, and I have 5 much better ones. The changes are so drastic.
  16. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    how are you all getting clockworkmod to work on your rooted phone? I must be missing a step. when i click on any of the options in clockworkmod it tells me to install recovery then list phone models to choose from but the Avail is not listed. if you used a different model can anyone tell me which one? thanks
  17. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    I see what my problem was. Need to learn to follow directions better. Thanks for all your hard work.
  18. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    Im having a rough time with this. pls help if you can! I am in recovery and I wipe data and cache but do not see one.one.zip. I see update.zip with no way of searching the SD Card. please help
  19. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    I got it working and all i can say is awesome! Only thing I'm missing right now is my google voice search. it works with text but not with internet searches. Is there another app like google voice out there that would work with more than just texting? I also was wondering if you could keep the phone as close to factory defaults concerning the apps it came with but still get the overclocking and performance work you've put in?
  20. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not helping you out earlier, I am really busy this weekend...
    Anyways... There are plenty alternatives in the market you can download...
    I am trying to fix the video issues I am having with this rom..
    I will try to add a full and light version once I can get video working.
  21. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    Thanks so much! You've really helped a ton and the work you've done is great. The only complaints would be from my wife and all the time I've spent playing with my phone lol. I do need an original stock back up however and i cant seem to download it from 4shared. If you know another place i can download this I would sure appreciate it.
  22. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    I got the file! wow that gave me hell. thanks!!
  23. wyldesolos

    wyldesolos Active Member

    Dont know if anyone else has tried but the mobile hotspot function is not working. Everytime i try to enable it says something about a network error prevented it from launching. Could just be me not doing something right. I am very new to android.

    Oh btw stellar build! so much faster and waaaaay better on the battery life compared to the stock ROM. You really did an awesome job. Is there any way for me to check and verify the cpu speed is running at 1ghz?

    Can't wait for your one.two build!
  24. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't mind having live wallpaper option, or even a zip to install myself. I tried titanium backup to install it. But it wouldn't work.

  25. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    Is there any way of getting back to the 1ghz script you wrote? I think I disabled it by changing governer settings

    Root apps:
    ROM Toolbox (jrummy)
    shell commander
    Busybox installer (jrummy)

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