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Avail with 0 attempts NCK codeSupport

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  1. alexriv

    alexriv New Member

    HI everyone i'm new to this nice forum, i have a big problem, i wanted to unlock my Avail to be able to use it with another carrier so i bought an unlock code, they gave me two codes but none of them worked so i kept trying and unfortunately now i have 0 attempts to enter the NCK code the phone does not even let me introduce any number so i want to know if there's any way to reset the Simlock counter installing a rom or something please i hope you can help me with the problem. Thank you in advance


  2. wyldesolos

    wyldesolos Active Member

    i dont believe there has been anything developed to do anything like this thus far. Actually im not even sure that is something that can be circumvented using custom roms.
  3. alexriv

    alexriv New Member

    Thank you for you reply, well i guess the only available solution, as i thought, is using Furious gold Box to unlock it...

    Regards :)
  4. kryzzle

    kryzzle New Member

    You may want to check Modaco, they have a comprehensive howto for solving your problem... Worked perfectly for me!
  5. alexriv

    alexriv New Member

    Thank you so much, problem solved!


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