[Avail] ZTE Z990 Avail Software Update

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  1. dougeeebear

    dougeeebear Member

    I have the Avail with a Straight Talk AT&T compatible sim card in it.

    It's been working great for me, but today it started automatically downloading a system software update every time I reboot.
    I turned off the 3G to make it stop because I'm rooted and don't want to get my phone messed up, and I don't want to use my 3G data unnecessarily.

    Is there a way to stop this thing from automatically trying to download the system software update?
    It's starting to get pretty annoying.

    TIA, Doug

  2. mikec628

    mikec628 Well-Known Member

    what setting do you have in your apn? I have the ones anthony posted in [APN] Setting for Straight Talk . Ive not had any updates other then apps on mine.
  3. dougeeebear

    dougeeebear Member

  4. dougeeebear

    dougeeebear Member


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