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  1. svergeylen

    svergeylen New Member

    Hi !

    I was just wondering if the HTC Dream would work in Europe ?

    I've read some topic about its compatility in 1700Mhrz, but nothing about the european networks ?

    Do you if it would work in Europe ?

    Do you know if it will be locked to any network in USA ??



  2. deedend

    deedend Member

    I read that initially the Dream will be selled only with a 2 years contract... but, if I want to buy it to use in Europe (Italy) how can I do? It's possible, or I must wait an European version?

    Thank for any answer...
  3. HCSC

    HCSC Well-Known Member

    ...or You must wait European version when will be available. Or I don't shure you can buy USA version and make unlock same like with iPhone (if will be possible) or buy unlock Dream in black markets
  4. wsLy

    wsLy Member

    Well yes that is a problem, I was first thinking of importing a HTC Dream from America, but I don't know if he would work correctly if you use it here in Europe.

    Sigh, they should use the same network all around the globe -,- Why all these differences.

    I just red on the dutch website Tweakers.net that the T-Mobile headquarters in Germany said that the T-Mobile G1 (propable this will be the official name) will be introduced in Europe. However they didn't said anything about when it will come to Europe.
  5. deedend

    deedend Member

    I hope that this will be SOON... :confused:
  6. wsLy

    wsLy Member

    Well I think we are all hoping that, but it is the decision of T-Mobile. And I am wondering if they will release it in all countries at the same time, or first Germany, then United Kingdom, then The Netherlands etc. etc. This is done with more things and it sucks.. I am hoping that there will be 1 release date for entire Europe.
  7. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Yeah, it really bothers me when they have a different release date for every place in the world. It would be pretty awesome if T-Mobile just launched the phone worldwide on the same day.
  8. wsLy

    wsLy Member

    Too bad that won't happen :(
    So it is just waiting for us here in Europe.
  9. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

    so if you live in a country that hasn't t-mobile ur screwed??? yay expensive sim free for me!

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