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  1. Bocephus87

    Bocephus87 Well-Known Member

    Just curious to see how everyone's battery is doing. I feel like it drains a bit rapidly. Averaging about 5% an hour with data disabled . I've read in some threads of others getting a little over a day use with light usage. My old ZTE warp would maintain its charge nicely on its stock battery with data disabled . I don't miss it one bit with the fluid nature of this new phone though. Thanks!

  2. jsphmuckey

    jsphmuckey Well-Known Member

    Loving my battery life! My Warp Sequent might as well have had no battery lol But, with data enabled I get a full day out of it with moderate use! The first night I had it, I was messing around on it for probably 2 hours & it didn't decrease at all! I was like dang that's cool ;)
  3. Bocephus87

    Bocephus87 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna run the battery down a bit low tonight before throwing it on the charger and see if it just needs to calibrate. I've read many comments of great battery life, so I'm optimistic :D
  4. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    I get about 9 hours with very light use... Nothing close to the 17 hours of talk time boost claims ... Same life on two identical phone bought from radio shack. Both phones also have extremly quiet sound problems
  5. Bocephus87

    Bocephus87 Well-Known Member

    The sound I have resolved by opening the audio voicemail app and hitting the speaker icon to make it play over the spreakerphone. Must be a bug. Also, 3 hours in and down to 80% already. I noticed dialer has used 48% of that despite not making a single call.

    Edit: Wanted to clarify,low speaker volume was due to ringing through earpiece instead of loud speaker*
  6. Bocephus87

    Bocephus87 Well-Known Member

    Wanted to give an update: I've disabled Pocket Mode and Flip for Speaker phone under Sounds, and have gained significant battery life. It would seem these options were driving the dialer app to refuse to let the phone to sleep. Also under mobile networks, i switched to CDMA-only instead of LTE/CDMA, since I have no 4G service in my area yet. Changing to CDMA-only didnt yield much gain originally though. Forgot to mention I changed sleep from 1 minute to 30 seconds, thinking it was more than just screen timeout, and time till the phone goes into low-power state
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  7. Mikessv

    Mikessv Well-Known Member

    I turn the brightness all the way down, turn the timeout all the way down. Disable Gps, Auto Sync and Bluetooth and turn off Mobile data when needed.
  8. LEVERage

    LEVERage Well-Known Member

    To stop the dialer from using your battery, shut the phone all the way down and pull the battery. When you restart your phone, you shouldn't have anymore problems with the dialer using battery. Guess it's just a bug with the SV out of the box.
  9. Prizm4

    Prizm4 New Member

    For those who upgraded to JellyBean on this phone, did you notice a change in battery usage? Does the JB upgrade drain the battery quicker than when you were on ICS?

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