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Aviate launcher invitesGeneral

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  1. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Just FYI to all of my Maxx friends here: I still have three invitation codes for the Aviate launcher left. If anybody wants one, just PM me with your email address and I will send out an invite (to the first three, obviously).

    Just a word of caution: the home key bug on KitKat makes Aviate a bit of a pain in the neck on the Maxx at the moment. The home button press on Aviate is a toggle and so each time you press the key it toggles one way then immediately the other. Hopefully Moto is working on a fix for this (they did seem to fix the Google Now launch problem when you pressed just above the capacitive keys that started with the 12.15.15 OTA update in November.)

    Aviate launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tul.aviate

    A good review: Review: Aviate is a fresh face for your Android phone | Reviews | Geek.com

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  2. bretto419

    bretto419 New Member

    Could you please send me a code? I would like to try aviate. Thanks. Brett
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Brett, send me a private message with your email address.

    That's my last invite...
  4. dhbuckley

    dhbuckley Well-Known Member

    Not so sure that the return to home "thang" is not considered a "feature"...
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    It doesn't happen on the Moto X when you hit the home soft-key, and is not standard Android behavior. I am sure it is a bug. If it still exists after our next OTA, whenever that happens, then I guess we'll know it was intentional, for some dumb reason.
  6. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    If anyone comes across an invite code I'd appreciate it if you could PM me.
  7. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    Got my invite this morning and I'm checking it out. Boy is it weird. Definitely different from anything else out there.

    Edit: I have some beta invites. PM me your email address and I'll hook you up. I'll update this post when they're gone.
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  8. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    I still have a couple of invites if anyone wants one. Don't be shy.
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  9. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just sent my last invite out. Hopefully those five are generous and keep the ball rolling here to anyone that might be interested in checking this out.
  10. sofen

    sofen New Member

    Is there anyone who can send me an invitation? I would appreciate it!


    Thanks guys
  11. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    Tried it few months ago, didn't like it....
  12. afmracer6

    afmracer6 Well-Known Member

    you dont need a invite code. the secret code is "music" type it in. it just works!
  13. R1OT

    R1OT Well-Known Member

    Music is all used up. Would be interested in trying this out as well. Anyone else have an invite laying around? :D
  14. Rumma

    Rumma Active Member

    I don't know if it matters anymore, but Life Hacker is giving away invites. Just go to Google Play Store and download the app. The code is LIFEHACKAV. With it you will get 5 invites. All they ask is, once you have done so, visit their site and join their discussions with your feedback.
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