Awaketime and Uptime?Support

  1. MrEnergie

    MrEnergie New Member


    I'm completely new to android. I got a brand new SE Xperia Arc, and i have a problem.

    I think the battery is drained pretty fast, which i think is weird because when i read about other users battery life it's pretty good.

    I then read something about this awaketime and uptime, and i have NO IDEA where to find this.

    Could you please help me here, where can i find this? :)


  2. menu-settings-about phone-battery
  3. MrEnergie

    MrEnergie New Member

    But when I do this I can only see the up time.
    The software version is 2.3.2 if that should help.
  4. KTP

    KTP Well-Known Member

    the battery will improve over time, give it a week to settle in ;)
  5. MrEnergie

    MrEnergie New Member

    True, actually my battery is GREAT now!!!!

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