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  1. pinki104

    pinki104 New Member

    I just upgraded from my Iphone 4s to galaxy S4 and the phone is superb apart from one major thing for me, i have big fingers and im also dyslexic so i spell alot of words wrong and the predictive text on the phone is horrible, it doesent auto change words and most of the words it gives me the option to change manually arnt the words i want.

    Anybody that has used the ios predictive text knows its very good and so i just wanted to know if anybody knew a way to somehow get an app or patch that will give me the same thing on this phone.

  2. edward90

    edward90 Well-Known Member

    Download jelly bean keyboard from the market ..much better then Samsung's keyboard
  3. pinki104

    pinki104 New Member

    thats much better!! thanks alot for the suggestion and help
  4. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Also consider swiftkey or swype. Both offer excellent prediction, auto-correct, auto space on the appropriate punctuations, etc. You'll find now that you have moved over to the dark side that you have many options that you did not before. I would recommend trying a number of keyboards and seeing what suits you. For myself I use both that I just mentioned. Swype is excellent for its speed, swiftkey better for complex key entry using a lot of symbols and the like. As soon as you open a text entry field and your keyboard comes up you will notice a small keyboard icon up in the notifications tray. Open your tray and select it and it will allow you to change keyboards making the process painless for using multiple keyboards. You must go into your main settings and enable keyboards you install before they will be available to choose.
  5. nopatience

    nopatience New Member

    Do u know how to make my phone stop loading old emails?

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