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  1. bigbilll

    bigbilll Member

    I was trying to lengthen the display timeout but it appears Android 4.0.4 now calls it sleep and its grey'd out. And it is set to "After 0 seconds of inactivity".
    Since it's grey'd out in Display. Where the heck do you change it? I have about a 3 second timeout, totally nuts. -Bill

  2. bigbilll

    bigbilll Member

    I ended up calling support, they had never heard of anything like that before and she went away to ask everyone on shift. But they had me try a "Settings Reset" and it fixed it. What I think may have happened is I was using my old blackberry phone holder and I know it has a magnet in there to tell the blackberry it was in the holder. maybe that magnet was in a spot that changed a bit on the phone. If not, no idea but its fixed.

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