Awesome tablet stand - just thought I would share, for all you lower-end tablet owners.

  1. MitchSamuels

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    I got a GTablet from OfficeMax, and I do not regret buying it at all. It was the perfect price, with the perfect amount of power.

    The only bad thing is the lack of accessories, like all other non mainstream tablets.

    Of course I had to go shopping, and I found an awesome case from Steve at, but I now have a new favorite accessory.

    This is the greatest stand I have ever purchased. And it's really, really cheap.

    I was scared to buy it at first, because it was so cheap, but It was definitely worth it. It is actually made of metal, not plastic, so it will never ware out and stop supporting a tablet. Even a heavy one like the G Tablet.

    Even though it is metal, it is light and portable. I fold it up and it fits right in my pocket, or a pocket in my backpack.

    It is easily the thinnest tablet stand I have seen. It is perfect.

    So, that's it. Just thought I would share with you guys.

    Also, don't be scared to buy from the link I posted. Delivery was fast, and nothing went wrong. is a great site.

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