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  1. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    Hi Everybody

    my girlfriend recorded my band at a gig on Friday night
    she used my existing iPhone 4S and my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3

    both came out really well, but the audio quality on the videos on the Samsung S3 is totally rubbish!
    there is no bass response when i played the video back through my stereo
    and its also quite tinny sounding, should i send my S3 back?

    whats going on with Samsung? i found a video on YouTube with someone else having the same problem, is this a known issue?

  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    This is a known thing, Samsung have messed up the sound recording in the video recorder for loud environments (concerts being the classic example). Supercurio is trying to fix this but says it may not be possible to due to proprietary libs in use relating to audio recording. Perhaps try the camera mod at XDA and see if that helps in the interim, it does have enhanced audio quality (although it may not have noise gating that is any more effective than stock, I haven't tried it out at a gig yet).
  3. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    so you mean all these new Galaxy S3 owners are stuck with this problem forever?

    im sending my handset back immediately
  4. muicha

    muicha Member

    May be something that could be fixed with an update.... it seems from what I've seen (still waiting on my phone, US), the recorder app actually captures bass, but video recording doesn't on the Int'l version. This shows it's not really the mic but a software issue...See this test...

    Samsung Galaxy SIII (s3) Poor Audio in Video recordings - YouTube

    Samsung appears to have fixed it with US phones... check out the link below... (US; T-Mobile S3)
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  5. timelord65

    timelord65 Well-Known Member

    Thanks sounds good. :)
  6. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

  7. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    Can't help with the audio issues. Just wanted to say that, as a huge Bon Jovi fan myself, awesome job on "Hey God".
  8. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

  9. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Would rather hear the audio from a Pureview myself :)
  10. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    I have no problem with the recordings and they play fine for my use but I am not trying to record concerts with it. ;)
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  11. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    Fair comments guys, but whether recording concerts or not, there is ZERO bass on video recordings - i`d love to try the Nokia 808 Pureview! lol

    i have phoned T Mobile here in the UK and asked them to take my Galaxy S3 back, they said no problem, they have sent me a HTC One X and i`m gonna try that at the weekend, if thats rubbish, i`ll get the Pureview..
    i tried to like Android! maybe i just got too used to iOS?

    also, do you know if there is a way of changing the black background when you go to Email on the S3? its black with white writing, i hate it!
    cant find an option to change colours etc
  12. muicha

    muicha Member

    It's too bad you're not loving android because of this because this is an AMAZING phone (and I don't even have it yet lol :p).

    Anyway, I'm not sure if you actually still have the phone but I came across an interesting post online... someone suggested plugging in the included headset before recording video and apparently this 'fixes' the sound and bass is captured? Don't know if it is true or not... but worth a shot?
  13. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    you mean leave the headphones plugged in and record video as normal? then that fixes the lack of bass and tinny sound quality?

    also, i noticed.... when using the "voice recorder" app on the S3, it records the files as low rate audio files,
  14. muicha

    muicha Member

    Exactly... try that and see if works

    the recorder app seems to capture the bass fine, but it's a mono sound and not stereo.
  15. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    what are 3ga files? i recorded my voice for 2 minutes on the Voice Recorded App and it saves the recordings as 3ga, recordings arent crystal clear, im learning more about this S3 everyday :(
  16. algs26

    algs26 Well-Known Member

    I've read similar complaints about the One X, Nexus and S3 about the inability to cope with loud bass notes/kick drums.

    Here's the thread where I posted a YT video link:

    That said, if you are accustomed to iOS or android, I would only recommend a Symbian phone as a second phone. That's how I'm using my N8. You could probably pick one up for cheap to use as a gig night phone and keep the S3. It does 720p 25fps and sounds pretty good - the 808 recording sounds amazing. Also, the 808 just came out so it will be pricey.

    I don't know where but I think I remember a review mentioning the dark email background is an extra option to save on power. I believe it's not a stock ICS option. I turn it on in the browser for that reason.

    BTW, you guys should play Runaway. :)
  17. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

  18. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

  19. c4v3man

    c4v3man Well-Known Member

    Not to dismiss the lack of quality coming out of the GS3 (which is clear, but definitely tinny), but if you care about quality, why don't you use an actual camera/camcorder, and record audio out of the mixer directly and mux into the video after the show? Don't you know anyone with even a DSLR that you could plug in a shotgun mic with a good wind sock on it to at least get you in the ballpark. As a performer you should be able to get the audio technician to get you a direct recording...

    While the audio is a bit fuller (but also muddy) on the iPhone 4 video you posted, it still sounds like trash, with wind noise, etc, and no definition. I couldn't watch more than 5-10 seconds of either video.
  20. BonGioviWayne

    BonGioviWayne Member

    Your not wrong mate! however, when all our girlfriends come to a gig and we give them all our phones and say "record us" - they have enough trouble working out the record button lol!!

    asking them to work a camcorder etc will be priceless :D

    its just easier with a decent phone, iPhone 4S is much better sound though

    my bag to send my S3 back comes on wednesday, doubt if there`ll be a fix by then :mad:

    i am saving for a HD camcorder and external microphone
  21. eba0922

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  22. mak916

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  23. DaddyCee

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  24. akita

    akita Well-Known Member

    This thread should be retitled: Listen to my band
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  25. eba0922

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