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  1. Tartan71

    Tartan71 Member

    I love playing a lot of games on my arc.... it has a great screen for it and memory is not bad but I find that you need an app that frees up memory.... or what is called an app killer... a must for good games.

  2. Tartan71

    Tartan71 Member

    I have on my Sony Experia Arc right now a bunch of games.... I had some more but got rid of some because they either were a Rip off or need more memory LOL.
    Right now I'm playing Need For Speed Shift a lot, CK Zombies, Tower Raiders 1&2, and Burn the City.
    I also have Drag Racing, Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit, Reckless Getaway, Air Attack HD, Lane Splitter, Lets Golf, Paper Air Plane 2, Guns 'n Glory, Sudoku Free, Air Control and a couple others.
    If you see a good game tell me about it. If you want to know about one I have just ask....
  3. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    Have a try of 'Totemo'...very addictive game that.
  4. scoopage

    scoopage New Member

    Have downloaded 9mm and Contract Killer for my arc S. Both suffer lag then going to pause screen, issues. 9mm is actually unplayable. Strange as I thought that the beefed up processor would handle it easily
  5. gilliatnet

    gilliatnet New Member

    Cj Strike Back.
    Angry Birds Rio.
    Shoot the apple.
  6. srki

    srki Active Member

    PES 2012! Must have. Free kick challenge is very addictive!

  7. sparky204

    sparky204 Active Member

    I've been playing the following games and loved them.

    Dead space
    Dungeon hunter 1 and 2 (download the htc desire version to use on arc since it's not officially supported)
    Order n chaos. Absolutely love this game it's wow in my pocket anywhere.
    Nova 2. Love the online multiplayer.

    My only gripe is not being able to use a gamepad with these games so I could really enjoy them on my HDTV.

    I have been looking into ways to use gamepad and I am under the impression that with the 4.0 update the arc will be PlayStation certified.
  8. rayhan7182

    rayhan7182 New Member

    How to play big games such as need for speed,pes,asphalt?......i have downloaded the .apk file and the cache file and copy that file on the recommended location..........but whenever i open game it trys to download a big file more than 500MB by WiFi.........what should i do now?
  9. srki

    srki Active Member

    You should buy the game!


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