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  1. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

    I have stock ROM, unrooted... (The only reason I haven't rooted is I rely 100% on this phone for my livelihood (sp?) and can't afford to have it down while I sort out bugs...I'm not that handy yet with rooting/flashing/modding...yet)
    Recently did the OTA update to B09. Everything seems to function OK...EXCEPT my txt/MMS notification. MMS still works, I can send or receive til the cows come home...
    I am using a stock sound, checked volumes, tried changing sounds, turning vibe off, rebooting phone, going into mute and silent modes...nothing helps...
    It shows the notification in the tray and the light blinks...but no sound, no vibe...the only time I hear anything is when I am on a call, I hear the double-beep when the MMS comes in.
    I also tried from other contacts and different formats of messages (txt only, MMS pic, MMS pic w/text...
    My phone calls still ring fine (even the distinctive rt for specific contacts) and my email notifications work fine too. I can't rely on the visual notification only, because sometimes stuff I need to see/respond to is very time sensitive...
    Anybody know how to fix?
    Will rooting and flashing a different ROM help? (Like Shin's AA2?)

    Also, will using the ZTE Recovery software revert back to the previous sw version (B07?)?


  2. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

  3. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member


    No, I don't know how to fix the mms issue with b09. Its definitely a problem because a lot of other people (including myself) are reporting no mms notification sound.

    Yes, if you root and flashed AA, it would bring back the notifications. Shin's rom is based on b07 software, but with a tweaked b09 kernal. So it runs way smoother then the bo7 stock because of the newer kernal.

    No, if you use the ZTE update tool, it won't bring you back to b07. Last time I checked, the tool wasn't working at all. But if it was, it would just reflash the latest zte software. B09. It would also wipe all contacts, data, anything on your phone. So if u use it, back up important stuff to SD.

    OK my head is going to explode now. Lol
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  4. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

    Thanks, Frank!

    Kinda what I was figuring, but it's good to get some confirmation. I've rooted and created a backup, but when I tried to install AA, it didn't work (I might be trying to flash wrong file, so I had to restore back to stock cuz I needed phone to work), but I'm going to try again.
  5. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    No problem...on flashing aa, make sure you have cwm installed and you do a complete wipe, then wipe dalvik cache. Then install zip from SD. Should work.:D
  6. Stlouizsin

    Stlouizsin Well-Known Member

    I seem to get text/mms notifications just fine, but I'm happy to see you've found an alternative.
  7. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

    Thanks again, Frank. I was trying to flash wrong file, got it right today...now running AA Rom...Looks great, runs great, got MMS notification again...YAY!
  8. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    Somehow I now have mms notifications. The text message sound plays now. Is this working for anyone else?

    The only thing I did was a factory reset in settings and it just started working. But don't take my word for it. I'm not 100% that the factory reset did it.:banghead:
  9. Stlouizsin

    Stlouizsin Well-Known Member

    Notifications always worked for me. Happy to hear that it's finally working for you.
  10. uniqdevi1

    uniqdevi1 Well-Known Member

    I just got this phone today, I came from a Samsung TU. It's telling me that there is the BO9 update. Should I do it or no?
  11. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    Yes, update. B09 works fine now. It has a new kernal too. Fixes the memory leak.

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