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  1. psychok7

    psychok7 New Member

    hi there, i have a new samsung galaxy y pro duos and after 1 month it started swithing off by itself. i have my programs installed in the SD card, i read somewhere that the bug was related to this with the galaxy ace and wifi. any idea on how i can fix this on my phone?

    PS: it was very hot even turned off

    Only way to revive the phone is to remove the battery.

  2. vasilgrozny

    vasilgrozny New Member

    psychok7: were you able to fix this?

    I've had the phone for a few months, and recently it started randomly shutting itself off. Sometimes it's frozen (only way is to remove then put back the battery), other times it just needs to be turned on. Battery itself has plenty of charge, so I don't think this is a power issue. Very strange and very frustrating.

    Problem is I bought it in India (I live Europe), and can't take it back to the retailer...
  3. psychok7

    psychok7 New Member

    not entirely. the only solution i found it to put my phone on 2G. that way it doesn't overheat and it doesn't turn of (most of the times). nevertheless if its a hot / sunny day sometimes it turns off even in 2G, but its not that common. Whenever i need to use my internet in 3G e switch it on and then after i am done turn it off again.

    My girlfriend has the same phone bought from the same place at the same time and she doesn't have that problem. but she also doesn't have all the apps installed like i do. so i don't know if its a software or hardware related bug. i could send it to the warranty but i guess i am just too lazy.
  4. tsunagr

    tsunagr New Member

    i have a new samsung galaxy y pro duos already 2 days and it started swithing off by itself something to do?
  5. cserem

    cserem New Member

    Administrators could you pliz give us a solution to this damn problem. My phone is two months old and is turning itself off whenever its in my pocket. kindly assist
  6. seeker9969

    seeker9969 New Member

    I am having the same problem. my phone is a couple of months old and it started randomly shutting off. I suspect the battery. One moment I have 49% battery and then look again later then I have 80% The next time I check it its shut off.
    My question is If this is a software problem that registering the battery as bad and adjusting accordingly or the battery is bad. I wish I could throw another battery in it to find out before I reset it. :confused: Any help here would be good

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