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  1. Yammi

    Yammi Member

    Hi, seem to have a problem with the back light going on and off. Only noticed it at night when the room is dark the phone will light up several times then stop. I have updated the phone but it still seems to light up, anyone else had this problem.

    Cheers Phil.

  2. Yammi

    Yammi Member

    Anyone. :(
  3. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    When you say the back light do you mean the screen or do you mean the buttons? What you can try and do is go to settings and go to display and then adjust the settings there and also make sure to see if your settings are for automatic adjustment or manual etc - if automatic, uncheck that option, reboot the phone and then see if the problem persists -
    Also change the time for the screen time out in the settings area - See if all this helps -
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