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  1. DroidIsMyFirstCell

    DroidIsMyFirstCell Active Member

    My wife is now on her 3rd SGS in 14 months! Just got back the 3rd 2 weeks ago and now the home/menu keys do not work. no lights at all, can't press them to do anything, can't hold them in and they eventually work... nothing at all. She babies her phones... so I have serious doubts on Samsungs quality assurance, but that is another topic for another time.

    Question: Does anyone know how to fix these buttons? I have already tried:
    - reboot
    - battery break
    - reset firmware and wipe phone
    - upgrade to 2.3 firmware
    - download soft-key FW update via typing in keycode

    Wondering if I have to do a special type of factory reset, root phone and fix manually or other?

  2. DroidIsMyFirstCell

    DroidIsMyFirstCell Active Member

    Nothing? No one else has encountered this issue?

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