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Back to Droid X..what OS to load?

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  1. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Went back to Blackberry a while back (for the keyboard and a few other things) - and am thinking about making the move back to Android/iOS..

    I have a DX in my possession (a very solid phone IMO - but, might try to get my hand on a RAZR Maxx or wait for the HD? I need to read up..) that I'm going to revive..

    Last thing I had loaded on it was MIUI-ICS 2.2.4 (by BeansTown106)..

    I think I want to get away from MIUI b/c I remember it being clunky and quirky and not always so smooth..basically, my question is, what OS should I load on my DX?

    I just want things to be smooth and for apps to 'work' - perhaps root to over clock, etc. whatever..

    One other question, just to jog my memory, if I was previously rooted and I want to go back to complete stock - I'm going to need to SBF back, root, and then flash whatever zips that will bring to whatever you guys recommend, correct?

    Thanks for all the help - I know a few people who recently picked up Maxx's and love them and I'm itching to give Android another try before I possibly pick up an iPhone..I appreciate it!

  2. schneidr

    schneidr Active Member

  3. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member

    sounds good enough to try..

    if you could kind of confirm the wipe/upload process, I'd appreciate it.

    1. I should burn that Milestone X 4.5.604 .iso to a disc and SBF

    2. Download the 4.5.621 Stock Rooted Deodexed .zip and put it on the SD..

    3. Get into clockworld recovery and flash that zip

    4. Should be all good to install apps/sync Gmail stuff, etc.???

    Please let me know..itching to get crackalackin' here..haha

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