Back to iPhone 4 after a year with Nexus One

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  1. gerryk

    gerryk Well-Known Member

    Due to a failure in the on button, my N1 is going back to HTC for repair. Not the first time either. The previous return was for distortion in the outgoing audio and a shoddy touchscreen.
    Since my contract with my carrier was over, and in the absence of any comparable phone (I tried desire etc and didn't like them) I got an iPhone 4 to tide me over til my N1 comes back.
    Needless to say, I miss my N1 quite a bit. However, there are a few places that the iPhone has the N1 beaten into a cocked hat.
    Bear in mind, these are from a dyed in the wool N1/Android fan.

    1. Screen - the iPhone screen is beyond beautiful. The N1 by comparison is duller and has that fuzzy fringey thing going on.

    2. Smoother Animation - the N1 transitions just seem jerky by comparison, even though there are very smooth. I use Launcher Pro too, so even smoother than stock N1.

    3. Browser - the stock N1 browser takes its sweet time loading pages. Also, it often forgets the pages/tabs I had open. The iPhone hasn't forgotten anything in nearly a week now.

    4. Connectivity - the iPhone hasn't dropped wifi once! The N1, by comparison seems to drop it every time I put it down.

    5. Camera - both still images and video are vastly superior. Less low-light noise in still images, better colour rendition.

    However, the N1 is far superior in the following...

    1. Quantity and quality of apps.

    2. Overall functionality.

    Finally... the main reason I got an iPhone at all... when I get my N1 back, I will be able to sell the iPhone for close to 100% of its full value on eBay and buy a Nexus S! The iPhone retains its value better than almost any consumer item.

  2. snakeybidder

    snakeybidder Well-Known Member

    Feel sorry for you, mines been the best phone ive ever had and mines still worth quite a bit even though its over a year old. You must of had a dud.....
  3. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    The N1 is overall a very good phone. Once you have it, it's hard to exchange for another. A good friend of mine got a Galaxy S a few months ago and I was jealous for about 20 minutes. The more I played with it the more comfortable I became with my conclusion that I liked my N1 better.

    However, as much as we all LOVE our N1s, we have to admit the drawbacks. I haven't compared browsers so I really don't have an opinion on that, but I should point out that there are other browsers available. I usually use Dolphin HD and it's working pretty well. There are several others out there; you don't HAVE TO use the stock browser.

    Otherwise I agree with you on all accounts: the iPhone touch screen is better and smoother, and the camera is far superior. The wifi connectivity on my N1 is fine 95% of the time, but once in a while it is quirky. I should also add that PAID APPS ON THE ANDROID MARKET ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN MANY COUNTRIES, and I find that incredibly annoying.

    We all know that the N1 has several advantages (e.g. you get to change your keyboard), but it isn't perfect.
  4. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

  5. aquaitious

    aquaitious Well-Known Member

    He's waiting for his N1 to get back from the shop. :D

    Not leaving, he's not dense. ;)
  6. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    >>I should also add that PAID APPS ON THE ANDROID MARKET ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN MANY COUNTRIES, and I find that incredibly annoying.

  7. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

    android is open... there are many option for those countries without android market access... or you can always hack it lol
  8. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    Please let us know how you do on selling your iphone. I would love to know what is more economically feasible - selling the iphone 4 and buying the the atrix unlocked or just waiting for the atrix?

  9. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by that, but the subject here was the android market, which is most certainly NOT open, not android itself (as in the operating system).
    No, there are not many options. For some (very few) apps there some other options out there, like getting the trial version and buying a key from another website (e.g. PowerAmp). For the vast majority of apps, there are no options. Very few apps are also published on other markets, such as SlideME, where you can purchase apps from everywhere.

    Would you care to elaborate on the hacking part?
  10. gerryk

    gerryk Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, being in Ireland means that we don't get every phone that's released, or when we do, it's way late.

    That said, I am confident I will get a good price for the iP4. I sold my original 1G iPhone recently for
  11. gerryk

    gerryk Well-Known Member

    Got my N1 back from HTC today, and what do I find? They replaced the screen too... now it's almost like new :)

    Thanks HTC
  12. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    glad to see you back with "The Thing" :)
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Good to hear :) Love a good reunion!
  14. ericshmerick

    ericshmerick Well-Known Member

    I have an iPhone 4 for work and while it's pretty incredible, I much prefer the pure Google (2.3.....bueller.....bueller.....) experience of my personal line, my Nexus One.

    Can't wait till ATT gets the Nexus S.

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