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  1. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    This question is about hardware as much as software so I decided to put it here.

    I want to record phone calls within the phone without having to use speakerphone. My problem is in selecting an Android phone and software combination that will do this. I like the Samsung line of phones and would like to stick with that brand. It also should be internet-capable and have a large screen.

    I already know the puffed up claims developers make about their programs that, to be kind, are too frequently overly optimistic so, I am looking for users who have actually done this themselves and would like to know which phone and software you have done it with.

    Very Important: The recording of calls MUST be done within the phone WITHOUT having to use speaker phone.

    I already have a $600 Samsung Galaxy Note from TMobile that will not do this and in addition, I have spent countless hours and another (appx) $400 in a failed attempt so I am now attempting to nail down a phone/software combination that will do this without going through another expensive fiasco.

  2. Pep

    Pep Well-Known Member

    Are your talking about a rooted phone or would you prefer to stay un-rooted?

  3. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    I don't mind having to root the phone; but, I don't want to have to go into custom ROMs. I tried that with the Galaxy Note and it is just more complication that I want.
  4. Pep

    Pep Well-Known Member

    Ok cause I know Omega rom has a record call button standard and I'm there's other as well.
    Sorry i couldn't be much more help,hopefully some else will will be.

  5. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your interest.
  6. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    Problem seems to be solved.

    Total Recall seems to run well on the stock Galaxy S5.

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