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  1. mike145

    mike145 Well-Known Member

    Well my experience with the Thunderbolt was short lived. I got it yesterday morning. Battery was so horrible, I am in the center of a 4g area, and th phone would get a 4g signal for 2 seconds or so at a time and then back to 3g. I called Verizon and they said they would have to open a ticket, I said forget it. As for the battery, I charged the device fully before I even activated it. 3 1/2 hrs later back on the charger. Before I went to bed at 3a.m, I charged it again, and put airplane mode on to see it it had anything to do with searching for 4g. Woke up at 7:45 and it was half drained. So this morning I packaged it back up and sent it back. Just going to wait for the bionic.

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  2. rudybow

    rudybow Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think it will be awhile before 4G will be anything to rave about.
  3. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    The bionic will suffer from sub par battery life as well. So will the 4g phone after that, and after that and after that until we have new battery technology.
  4. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    I don't entirely agree with this.

    When 3G first arrived, the first phones had sub-par battery life. Then the 3G chipsets got tweaked and tweaked and eventually got to a level of efficiency that was a lot better.

    Same thing will happen with 4G. The Thunderbolt will suffer from poor battery life. The next generation of 4G chipsets will be better, and the generation after that even better.

    Each subsequent generation of cell technology will, of course, use more battery life - but that doesn't mean that 4G phones are going to continually have crappy battery life just because we have lithium batteries.
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  5. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    I'm sure the technology will improve but so will the thunderbolt with help from the devs. I knew buying this phone I'd be dealing with new technology that's going to be unknown but that was a price I'm willing to pay for being locked into an unlimited 4G data plan. I could wait for a more battery efficient device but more than likely that means tiered data
  6. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Cnet pretty much says the same thing about 4G battery life.
  7. MCPO117

    MCPO117 Well-Known Member

    I got over 10 hours of me playing on it hardcore and it was only down the 30% battery after that time period. No better or worse than the X when I first got it and messed around on it nonstop.
  8. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    I had a Droid X since launch and got the Thunderbolt on Thursday. It's so much better than the X that it's like torture to use my X for anything now(And I loved the X). The battery life isn't as good as the X but it's nowhere near as bad as people say it is. It's mainly an issue of the stock settings on the phone being very harsh on the battery and most people being unaware of it and not setting it up properly.
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  9. Stevessvt

    Stevessvt Well-Known Member

    Ive got 7 1/2 hours on mine of some web surfing, and browsing the app store, got 55% left. Its on wifi the entire time.
  10. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Can you elaborate on what makes going back to your dx torture? I'm curious as to what your experiences are. Tia.
  11. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    In a nutshell, the Tbolt is like having the best of the Droid Incredible and X in one phone with none of the drawbacks. Having had both I believe you can fully appreciate what that means. The build quality I would say exceeds the Droid X's. The performance is superior to either phone. The camera and video recording is better. Signal reception is exceptional, call quality is great, web browsing is a lot smoother.

    Benchmarks do not do it justice, the phone is so much faster than the X in everything you can do with it that it immediately stands out(App loading, app performance, installing/uninstalling, everything is so much more snappy).

    It doesn't have any of the random annoying quirks of Motoblur.

    The screen being shorter but wider than the X's makes typing on it in portrait mode more pleasant. I also feel that the newest version of the sense keyboard is much nicer than the Droid X keyboard.

    I'm very much a gamer so the game performance increases are a huge deal to me. They may not be so much for someone else.

    I am a big Droid X fan and was super skeptical about the Thunderbolt. I fully expected it to be little more than a Droid X clone, but after using it for a few days I can really say it feels like a next generation phone compared to the X.

    The battery life is not as good as the X's, but it's nowhere near as bad as some people are making it out to be. It is significantly better than the Droid Incredible's battery life. The problem with the Thunderbolt is that the stock configuration is extremely harsh on the battery and most people don't tweak it.

    When I pick up my X to mess with it, it is sluggish, choppy, the feature set seems barren, scrolling is clunky. Before the Thunderbolt I would have said the X was the best Android phone on Verizon by far.
  12. rudyy

    rudyy Active Member

    I'm disappointed that there are battery issues. pre-release testing should have been thorough in that area.
    not surprised, though, that the tb is somewhat better than the x.
    it should be: it's new, and if you've own an x already, you should know plenty of tricks to make it even better.
    it even has a great name: thunderbolt.
  13. Foo52

    Foo52 New Member

    I was skeptical of a first gen 4G device. (have learned to many painful lessons about combining the terms and Verizon and first generation), that's why I got an X a week before the Thunderbolt was released. I will wait until the Thunderbolt or Bionic 2 comes out before considering hoping up to 4G (I'm out in the suburbs so 4G is spotty at best anyway)
  14. damule6666

    damule6666 Well-Known Member

    T-Bolt = Evo = BLAH!

    Not impressed, back it goes!

    Welcome back old friend X!
  15. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    I got a DX a little over a week ago. The TB wasn't in stock at the time. I've been reading posts on both sides of the fence and am still not sure if I'll keep the DX or jump to the TB.

    1st gen of anything typically is buggy. Since I paid full retail for the DX and would have to pay the difference between it and the TB, I'm a bit hesitant to make the switch...

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