Back Up... Haven't Got A Clue!

  1. arkwright

    arkwright Active Member

    Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I'm clueless about how to back up my phone data.

    I've found a few threads that tell me to go to settings> privacy> back up but I don't have a privacy option in settings.

    I also read somewhere that my data was backed up automatically to Google??? If this is true, where would I find it if I needed it?

    I would just like to know an easy way to back up my phone data.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    LECTER Well-Known Member

    Mybackup Pro is great.

    If you're rooted, use Titanium Backup.

    A combination of the two is awesome.

    If you're using gmail, your contacts/calendar will be backed up to cloud.
  3. Damn

    Damn New Member

    Hi. I'm new to the forum, and I'm a bit tech illiterate. Trying to learn. I have the same question: how do I back up my data on my HTC Desire HD? Thanks in advance for your patient response.
  4. 325i

    325i Well-Known Member

    My desire is rooted and i have used my backup pro several times. It is always backed up everything and so easy to use.
  5. DCFC79

    DCFC79 Well-Known Member

    Ive recently backed up the phone although all i could have backed up is the contacts, i backed up the contacts to gmail but i used backup everything as an alternative if using gmail didnt work
  6. kolipe

    kolipe Well-Known Member

    +1 for Mybackup Pro. It backs up everything you need. Titanium is good but a more complex.

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