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  1. LA1

    LA1 Member

    Is there an App that 1. i can backup everything on my phone 2. image my phone like I can do with Ghost for a PC.

    I think Google backsup my contacts and such. What I want to really backup is the "MEMOs" or "NOTES" I have an extensive ammount of notes. I have attached memo's to e-mails. The memo's have an unkown extension for the pc. How would I get them back in the phone and where would they go. I also have a google nexus 10 , can the memo app be installed on the nexus and memo's from my phone be imported...

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I know this is a little late, but for the benefit of anyone reading this thread:

    There is an app in Play called Carbon that backs up app and app & user data to the SD card. You do NOT have to be rooted to use it.
  3. T-Keith

    T-Keith Well-Known Member

    Carbon says it's not compatible. I am trying my backup pro, it says it will work without root.
  4. km2002

    km2002 Well-Known Member

    RE-READ THAT CAREFULLY!! MY BACKUP PRO WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT ROOT!!! I just went around in circles with them because I thought their product would work without root. But their page on Play says in so many words that you need a rooted device. DON'T GET THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU HAVE ROOTED OR WILL ROOT YOUR DEVICE!!

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