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Backflip & 1.6Support

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  1. joybo

    joybo New Member

    I didn't really know it would be this difficult - I just want the new Barnes & Noble Nook for Android app - it requires 1.6 ----- I have 1.5. I've checked for updates and the phone updated something - but my firmware is still 1.5.

    Is there anyway to update my Backflip's firmware to 1.6????

  2. maciel310

    maciel310 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately no. In fact, the Backflip will never get 1.6, because we are skipping it and going straight to 2.1. When that happens a whole new world of apps will be open up to us, and according to Motorola's schedule that could happen any time in the next 3 months (most likely towards the end of that time frame). When they release it, you will get a notification to download the update. Until then, all you can really do is have a little bit of patience.
  3. joybo

    joybo New Member

    Well that just sucks...
    This is the first time that I've delved into the software issues really.
    I was excited when I saw Barnes and Noble came out with the Android version of their Nook (already own the Nook)...(almost contemplating rooting that)

    I haven't researched the software updates - but is there a reason they are not just letting all devices have all the updates as they go along?
  4. maciel310

    maciel310 Well-Known Member

    Google is releasing the source code as they release new versions, but it is up to the individual phone manufacturers to actually update the phones. Every phone is different, requiring custom drivers, software, etc, so there isn't a "one size fits all" update that can be delivered. Also, the manufacturers and carriers have to make sure everything is stable and such before releasing new versions, otherwise they would have a ton of support issues on their hands.

    So, what ends up happening is that there are a handful of different versions of the OS on the market at any time, and it is a rolling cycle of what is currently in use. We were unfortunate to have an already antiquated version of the OS when our phone was released (it was likely the most up to date when they started, but by the time it was released it was behind the times), so we feel the sting more than many.
  5. Emil Ghoting

    Emil Ghoting New Member

    the ESPN Scorecenter app doesn't show for 1.6... what a disappointment
  6. SP26ATA16

    SP26ATA16 New Member

    I found PDANet as an app for tethering the Backflip to a laptop, but ATT says it will not work and the Backflip is not able to use it. Motorola said the same. Any body found another way to use the Backflip for internet with your laptop??????

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