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  1. pangelpip

    pangelpip Member

    Sooo... I have the new backflip and I like it except some apps turn sideways...meaning you are constantly having to flip your phone when certain screens load. This happens on facebook app and one for sports scores. I want to download a game but I am afraid to, not knowing if I can use the keyboard to play because of it flipping. Is this something they will fix in the future or is it a forever thing with this phone?

  2. If the screen is flipping without you actually flipping the screen, thats a hardware problem with the accellerometer. I had this problem with one of my phones. If its less than a year old, take it to your carrier, and they should fix or replace it under warranty.
  3. pangelpip

    pangelpip Member

    Okay, I was not sure if it was just the backflip model itself. Thanks!
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Is it not that these apps are built to work in landscape instead of portrait mode like Angry birds, Solitaire etc.
  5. Yes, some apps only run in landscape mode. But most will let you flip whatever way you want. So if they are opening in landscape even if the phone is in portrait, thats a hardware problem.

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