Backflip bands? anyone use on Tmobile with 3G?Support

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  1. eugenile

    eugenile Well-Known Member

    I've been reading specs on the backflip. They seem to list it to support 1700/2100 bands.

    Does the ATT version really support tmobile 3g bands?

    if not which version of the phone (GSM) should I look into getting.

  2. lcc014

    lcc014 Member

    Backflip 3G frequencies are not compatible with TMobile. You can only use Edge in TMobile
  3. If it says it supports the HSPA bands that T-Mobile uses, than I don't see why it should work, don't take my word on it though. AT&T is the only carrier that officially carriers the Backflip, so you would have to get an unlocked one if you want to use it on T-Mobile.

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