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  1. soapysoap93

    soapysoap93 New Member

    Hey guys i got a motorola backflip about a week ago and i live in the UK so i couldn't get the 2.1 update, so i rooted and put on the preclair 2.1 and now my phones having troubles and i want to go back to 1.5 has this been done and can anyone help me i can flash and recover stuff like that and i've searched google and can't seem to find anything if you need for info just shout but if anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great cheers,


  2. NajaSAKAii

    NajaSAKAii New Member

    same here. 2.1 is highly defective on the backflip!!!!!!! Fix this! and can someone tell me how to downgrade if possible...
  3. Lifeoflax21

    Lifeoflax21 New Member

    Wat r ur issues with it cuz I haven't really had any problems, and has been way better than 1.5 for me

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